An Excellent Guide to Using Gretl

I don’t know how Gretl compares to R or expensive packages like EVIEWS or Stata but it may be worth a look.

Fixing the Economists


For those that don’t know Gretl is a freeware econometrics package. Despite not costing anything I’ve found it to be a very useful econometrics program that can do pretty much anything — or, at least, anything that I’ve ever wanted it to do.

Gretl can be a bit daunting to use, however. This especially so given it’s ‘stripped down’ presentational format (which I rather like, but others may not). Anyway, the author Hishamh over at the Economics Malaysia blog has put together a series of post that guides the user through all the major uses of Gretl. The posts, complete with screenshots, are indispensable and I will here run quickly through what they show.

In the first post the author shows how to input and format data.

In the second post the author shows how to run and interpret a regression.

In the third post the author shows how…

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