Full Pundit: Rob Ford — 300 pounds of sad

Requiem for a Heavyweight: we are far from the denouement of the Rob Ford saga. The forces that brought him to power in City Hall: suburban alienation, general resentment at the profligacy of the Miller years (on the back of City of Toronto tax payers), and a bully pulpit via mass media have not disappeared. Here’s hoping that the city can move forward with mature reasoned leadership after this which balances a vision of urban and suburban renewal with a respect for fiscal sustainability.

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Rob Ford. Still.
Well, here we go. Once more unto the breach, dear friends.

The Toronto Star’s editorialists welcome developments at the municipal and provincial level that might see Ford’s powers weakened, but they say “anything that leaves this abusive, drunken, drug-using, out-of-control con man at the helm of Canada’s largest city necessarily falls short.” They think City Council should have the power to turf “rogue members whose misconduct threatens the municipality,” so long as they have a suitably damning verdict from the Integrity Commissioner and a two-thirds majority. We continue to believe that while there may well be good reasons to rewrite the municipal rule book, Rob bloody Ford is far too extreme and unique a problem to serve as a useful impetus.

The Toronto Sun’s Michele Mandel explains, with the help of some law-talking guys, why charges haven’t been laid against Ford despite his admitted…

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