The busiest infographic you will see today

This Marketing Technoclocy Landscape Supergraphic is by Scott Brinker over at While not exhaustive it must come close and once you discern the various sections: Marketing Experiences. Marketing Operations, Marketing Environment from Infrastructure, Backbone Platforms, and Middleware, you can drill down into sub categories and see his list of companies that exist and compete in those spaces. With the fluid nature of technological change we will no doubt see many more entrants into each category with many failing but the shake out over the coming decade will change the face of how marketing is done from the back end to the front line and every touch point in between.

Marketing Technolocy Landscape

You can download the pdf marketing_technology_jan2015.

Brinker’s four takeaways for readers are:

  1. Marketing has unquestionably become a technology-powered discipline.
  2. The quantity of martech ventures is a barometer of how much marketing is evolving.
  3. The marketing technology field is heterogenous, with a very broad range of products.
  4. To thrive in this environment, marketing should steadily develop its technical talent.

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